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Player Development

Summer 2020 Clinics

Clinics are scheduled through July 17th. Weather cancellations will be communicated by email and Facebook.


14U Monday /Wednesday 6-8pm Dred 6

12u Tuesday/Thursday 6-8pm Dred 6 & 4

10U-Groups 1 & 2 Monday/Wednesday 6-8pm Field 3/2

            Groups 3 & 4 Tuesday/Thursday 6-8pm Field  3/2

8U/ In House- Monday/ Wednesday at Washburn North and                                                                      South from 6-7:30pm


With COVID-19 restrictions only players listed in the tables below may attend. 


Group 1


Dred 3

Group 2   


Dred 2

Group 3


Dred 3

Group 4


Dred 2

Melia  Salo Erin Downs Maggie Bellmont Cassidy Goehner
Alexa  Ottum Legacy Morey Harper Jones Zoey Richter
Mikayla Ottum Twain Weeks Izzy K Schmitz Kylie Kremer
Abby McGinn Katelyn Donnely Madeline Gonnela Syndee Athey
Sophia Theis Theis Abigail Heisel Natalie Johnson Kylie Wheelock
Laney Schram Tori Kutzorik Olivia Powers Alex Oerther
Maggie McInerney Victoria Albert Eleanor Miller Olivia Oerther
Chelsea Ryan Natalie Thornburg Keira Abeln Kayla Starr
Audrey Kamra Sarah Perez Cat Sievert Ella Holmes
Norah Rassmussen Elena Perex Esmae Eyeberg Brynna Gara
Sophia  Bartz Samantha Drollinger Natalie Hoffman Taylor Keith
Kaleena Mendel Lily Evans Maya Skibbie Morgan Keith
Elizabeth Perske Tricia Tiaden Audrey Skibbie Zoe  Athey
        Megan  DeVos Rissa Clifford




Group 1 Dred 6 Group 2 Dred 4
Emily Spencer Sidney Friederich
Reagan Rudquist Cate Forrester
Audrey Renstrom Madison Sullivan
Giovanna Morabito Sofia Rosas
Grace Rolek Adelyn Bye
Sasha Nicholson Alva Fraenkel
Emma Skibbie Olivia Heisel
Allie Sheehan Lauren Ross
Brooke Paetzel Olivia Knutson
Miah Bican Andi Dueth
    Norah Davies
    Alivia Boulduc
    Addison Burns
    Lily Heisel


 M/W Dred 6  

Charlotte Bellmont

Klevan Schmitz

Peyton Knoblauch
amanda crusan
Ella Murray
Savannah Adell
Grace Rust
Carolyn Heisel
Megan Heyer
Courtney Hembd


Caroline Keith
Katie Baskefield

10U-14U Speed Training

Hello BFA! 

My name is Noah Draper. I am the Director of Operations and Lead Sports Performance coach at ETS Performance-Central located in Richfield. Some of your daughters may meet me this week when I attend the softball clinics to take the girls through an ETS Speed warm up and introduce myself. I'm excited to announce that ETS will be providing a speed clinic for all BFA athletes starting Monday July 6th! This class will be an hour long speed, agility, and conditioning class programmed to improve athletic performance and movement mastery. We have noticed that there is quite a bit of interest in it already, which is exciting. Because of that interest, some slight changes have been made to the program to accommodate everyone. There are now multiple options based on how many days a week you would like to attend! There will be coaches there for 10u to 11u age groups  and for 12u to 14u age groups. Here are the full details of the clinics:



1x/week for 8 weeks $89 

2x/week for 8 weeks $129



Every Monday July 6th- August 24th @ 6pm 

Every Saturday July 11th-August 29th @ 10am 



Monday Classes will be held at Olson Field 

Saturday Classes will be held at ETS Performance Central 636 east 66th street Richfield, Mn


All that we ask is if you are doing the single session per week option that you inform us of which day you would like to attend before we start to make staffing the sessions streamlined. For those that signed up before the updates were made, if you would like to upgrade your clinic sessions please let us know. Below are the web links to the clinic options. 


1x/week: Register


2x/week: Register


Thank you, be well! 

8U and In-house

Group 1 Will Start on Washburn North, Group 2 Will start in the Green Space and Group 3 will start on Washburn South.

Group 1

  Group 2   Group 3
Ava Bernard   Gabrielle Perske   Brooklyn Larson
Britta Olson  

Hannah McGuinn

  Stella Peterson
Paige Cook   Mia McGuinn  

Mallory Sophaphanh

Emily Holmes   Claire Cook   Isabel Marshall
Emma Tierney   Ellie Anderson   Kendall Bollinger
Charley Johnson   Isabelle Sweem  

Margaret Wozniak

Natalie Mezera   Finley Nolachek   Paige Arndt
Addison Hake   Sophia Graczak    
Hailey Anzalone   Grace Spangle  

Ashlynn Keaveny

Charlee Hammernik

  Milly Sieben   Molly Fineran
Evie Hollatz       Aubrey Andrews
Josie Allen   Sophia Tiaden   Samantha Mena
Harlow Johnson  

Savannah Enders

  Jasmine Burns
Sienne Powers  

Laura Vaske

  McKenzie Elg
Ava Wenger   Cecilia Groppoli   Finley Boomer
        Ava Adams