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Player Development

Week 5 Winners


Sarah P 8Blue
Hailey A 8 Blue
Emily H 8Red


Keira A 10Red
Erin D 10Blue
Cassidy G 10Blue


Grace R 14Blue
Olivia H 12White
Norah D 12Red

Week 5- as of 5/5

Name Team Swings Throws Catches Total Reps
Emily H. 8Red 60 550 556 1166
Haily A. 8Blue 85 127 131 474
Sarah P. 8Blue 514 400 400 1314
Abby H. 10Yellow 80 210 210 500
Kylie K. 10Black 180 282 282 744
Audrey S. 10Black 50 40 50 140
Erin D. 10White 1100 4105 4105 9310
Twain W. 10White 150 1400 1400 2950
Maggie M. 10White 125 200 200 525
Cassidy G. 10Blue 2010 2005 2025 6040
Zoe A. 10Blue 212 307 310 825
Brooke B. 10Blue 320 365 365 1050
Eleanor M. 10Blue 350 700 700 1750
81 10Red 375 875 875 2425
Natalie H. 10Red 597 571 579 1747
Olivia P. 10Red 475 575 575 1625
Madaline G. 10Red 260 450 475 1185
Keira A 10Red 1060 1605 1605 4270
Maggie B. 10Red 420 1010 345 1775
Maya S. 10Red 85 360 220 665
Ella H. 10Red 200 600 600 1400
Olivia H. 12White 130 660 660 1450
Norah D. 12Red 300 580 580 1460
Emma S. 14Blue 200 450 150 800
67 14Blue 184 98 95 377
Abi KS 14Blue 25 150 150 325
Megan H. 14Blue 263 375 405 1043
Grace R. 14Blue 271 800 800 1871
Carolyn H. 14Blue 30 275 275 580
Team Total
8Red 1166
8Blue 1788
10Yellow 500
10White 12785
10Black 884
10Blue 9665
10Red 13629
10Silver 0
12White 1450
12Red 1460
12Blue 800
14Blue 4996

BFA is excited to announce the All Bases Covered contest! This is a way to encourage BFA players to remain active during this unconventional kick off to the 2020 fastpitch season and prepare them the best we can for when the season games begin without our more traditional practice schedule. We are anticipating a quick start to the season. This contest is also a way to foster some healthy competition between the girls and each of the teams at all age levels.

How this works:

We will be tracking various developmental skills weekly and will recognize our top performers weekly and overall at the end of the competition. The player(s) with the most reps in each category and age division win prizes. The three categories are swings, throws, and catches. The three age categories are 8U, 10U, and 12/14U. There will also be overall winners at the end of the contest period.

Players will be asked to log their results in the google form provided on the website (either daily or weekly, with the week running Monday through Sunday). Results for the week must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm Sunday of the contest week. The contest runs from March 30 to May 3, 2020, with the weekly schedule as follows:

Week 1 - March 30-April 5

Week 2- April 6-12

Week 3- April 13-19

Week 4 - April 20-26

Week 5 - April 27-May 3

Minimum Activity Levels:

Below is the minimum weekly activity to be eligible for prizes, listed by age division. We hope the girls go above and beyond to develop these fundamental skills of the game.

  • 8u: 60 swings, 100 throws , 100 catches

  • 10u: 125 swings, 200 throws, 200  catches

  • 12u/14u: 175 swings, 250 throws, 250 catches


Entering Weekly Activity

The first step in entering this contest is to send a video of the player swinging a bat, throwing a ball, and catching a ball to before the contest begins on March 30th.

Upon completion of the contest players must submit a final video by May 6th to help demonstrate their progress. Please make sure to label your video with the player's name and age division (for example: SuzieSmith10uSwing, SuzieSmith10uThrow, Suziesmith10uCatch, you get the idea!).

We will track the results on the website for all to see so the players and teams can be motivated to compete!

Contest Winners and Prizes

Any good contest comes with even better prizes!!! Each week we will have 3 winners in each age division. They will each win a $10 Gift Certificate to Snuffy's or Dave and Busters (player's choice).

A player must complete the minimum suggested weekly reps in each category to be eligible to be a weekly winner. For example, it is recommended that an 8u player perform at least 60 swings a week. (60 swings equals 60 reps). If she does not have a minimum number of 60 swings in a week she is not eligible to win that week in her age division.


At the end of the contest period we will have an overall winner in each age division. The overall winner in each age division to gets to choose one of the following prizes! $50 Gift Certificate to Lulu Lemon, American Eagle, Vera Bradley, Vans or Target. *AND* each winner will receive $25 Spiritwear Credit.


***An overall contest winner is a player who has the most combined reps in swings, throws and catches. To be eligible to win the overall contest a player must have completed the minimum recommended reps in each of the categories: swinging, throwing and catching. ALL participants who complete the weekly challenge and submit results timely AND submit their hitting & throwing/catching video before the contest begins and after to show their progress will all receive a softball scrunchie!


The BFA TEAM in each age division with the most results in hitting, throwing and catching will WIN A TEAM PARTY TO SNUFFY'S! So help your team win this party by putting forth your best effort and submitting your results weekly.

While we will not be asking pitchers and catchers to submit videos or track their specific position we do have videos to use as a reference when training for the specialized position.


Please use these links to refer to for proper throwing, catching and hitting techniques. Additionally we have videos for pitchers and catchers to refer to so they can improve their specialized position.

Throwing Progression(Includes form for throwing and catching)

Hitting   (More links coming soon)


Throw Downs



Please remember when swinging a bat to wear a helmet and to always be aware of your surroundings. If you don’t have a traditional bat you can use a whiffle bat. Also, if you are playing catch or are practicing the specialized position of pitching or catching please wear the proper equipment. We want you to be healthy and ready for this season when we kick it off!

If you have any questions regarding this contest please reach out to Molly Bellmont, Director of Player Development, at