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In-House Program

What is it?

The purpose of the Bloomington In House Program is to expose girls in grades K-3 to the game of fastpitch while keeping it fun, local and affordable.  Our goal is to get as many girls loving the game of fastpitch while providing a structured experience where the girls will be introduced to and learn the basics of the game.  Like our traveling program it is a volunteer run organization that relies on its members to help facilitate a successful season. Head and assistant coaches will be selected from parents of players registered for the In House program.  

We are in our inaugural year of this program, an exciting time for our organization, but also realize that this year will present some hiccups and challenges so we appreciate your patience in getting this program off the ground!

League Details

  • The In House season runs April-June.
  • The cost is $69 per player.
  • Bloomington girls in grades K-3 (current school year grade) are eligible to play.  
  • All games will be played within Bloomington on BFA sanctioned fields.  Field Locations
  • The season will end with an all team tournament on June 30th. 

Team Formation:
We will do our best to organize teams around grade level, schools, home addresses and friend requests.  Teams will be balanced, to the extent possible. As our program grows we would like to separate teams into grade levels, K/1 and 2/3 but with this first year of the in house program much depends on registration numbers.

Expected Practice/Game Days and Locations:
At the beginning of the season teams will practice twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, from either 6pm-7pm or 7pm-8pm.  When games begin, each team will have one day of practice and one game day per week.   Games will likely be on Mondays and practices on Wednesdays. Additional practices may be added and will be communicated by each team’s head coach.

The In House Program has adapted similar rules as our traveling 8u program.  See document below for detailed rules. 


Each team will consist of one head and no more than two named assistant coaches. Coaches will receive all the necessary training, support and equipment to have a successful season.  All head coaches will be reimbursed one child’s registration fee at the end of the season.  Both head and assistant coaches are exempt from fulfilling the required 3 hours of tournament volunteer time.  

Click HERE for coach sign-up

Equipment Info

BFA will provide the following for the players:

  • Bats, helmets, catching gear, jersey and fielding face masks (for 1st year registered players within BFA).

Parents are required to provide the following for their player:

  • Glove, pants, tennis shoes/cleats, water bottle.

While BFA provides batting helmets for all of the girls to use parents are encouraged to supply helmet for their daughter to prevent the spread of lice.

Parent/Adult Expectations

***A parent/responsible adult MUST be present at practices and games.***
Because of the age level of the players we require one parent/responsible adult to be present due to safety reasons.  In addition, the team relies heavily on volunteer help at practices and games to have a successful and smooth season.  The head and assistant coaches are there to instruct and lead the girls but will need the help from as many parents as possible to ensure the practices are fun and moving at a healthy pace for this age group. This ‘it takes a village culture’ is one of the many reasons BFA is a successfully run organization.

Volunteer Requirement

All families of registered In House program are required to volunteer 3 hours at one of our BFA- hosting tournaments during the season. 
A $50 volunteer deposit will be collected at the beginning of the season.  So long as family fulfills required volunteer hours their check will be shredded at the end of the season.  Players will not receive their team jersey until the volunteer deposit check is collected. Should a family not fulfill 100% of the three volunteer hours required the $50 volunteer deposit will be cashed.