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Sell Cards Earn Prizes

Need more cards or missed pick on May 3rd? Contact Suzie

Family and Friends can order online here. Credit goes to the player.

This year BFA is partnering with Impact Fundraising for an amazing opportunity to bring money back to The Blast.  Families can sell a $20 discount card consisting of twelve local vendors that can be used an unlimited number of times throughout the year, with the offers outlined in black valid anywhere in the Twin Cities. The card provides substantial value compared to the cost.


Participation will be rewarded with significant prizes for meeting easy goals!




1) Selling can be done online as well as in person.

2) We are encouraging each participating player to try their best to sell at least 10 cards. 

3) On May 3rd you will receive a second document explaining the purpose of the fundraiser and how to purchase the cards online. Send it to as many people as you can; friends, family, coworkers, the more you ask the more you raise! Once purchased a card will automatically be sent to their designated location in 5-7 days.

4) Not everyone checks their emails regularly so it’s extremely important to follow up within the next day or so with a text or call to make sure the recipient received the email.

5) Social media is a great way to sell cards! 1 a) Pro Tip: sales from parent’s social media tend to be the most successful, consider posting a link for the extended family to see if you're comfortable doing so.

6) Make sure to ask for donations if someone does not want a card and keep the money separate from that accumulated through sales.


PRIZES (There's A Lot!) :

1) For every 10 cards sold players will receive 2 free prize cards. Prize cards will be distributed at the conclusion of the fundraiser. You can use them yourself, give them out as gifts, or sell them and keep the entire $40 for yourself!

2) Sell 5 cards, get a BFA sticker.

3) For every 10 cards sold players receive their choice of $10 gift card to one of the locations:  Target, lulu lemon, Caribou, Starbucks, DQ or Chipotle.

4) For selling 20 cards the player's name will be entered in a drawing for $50 (2 winners).

5) For selling 30 cards the player’s name will be entered in a drawing for $100 (1 winner).

6) The top seller with a minimum of 50 cards sold wins their choice of $300 or an ipad mini.


WRAP UP:  Any money collected through in-person card sales should be held onto until wrap-up day where you will return the remaining cards and cash. The end date for selling is 6/4 and directions for turn-in will be communicated as we near the conclusion.

2021 Important Dates

  • Week of 5/31: First 14U Games
  • June 25-27: 10U/12U State Qualifiers
  • July 10-11: 8U State and In-House Tournament (at Dred Scott)
  • July 10-11: 10U/12U State Tournament
  • July 17-18: 14U State Qualifiers
  • July 24-25: 14U State Tournament
  • Aug 6-8: 8U/10U Monsta Tournament (at Dred Scott)

Spirit Wear Store Open until May 11th.

Locally owned Cheers Wine and Spirits (9340 Ensign Ave S) and Northstar Tavern have partnered with the local Boulevard Brewing Company distributor for a great opportunity. 


For the months of May and June purchasing the following items will raise money for the Blast!


  • Cheers Wine and Spirits: all Boulevard Brewing and Quirk Hard Seltzer 6- and 12-packs
  • NorthStar Tavern: all NorthStar Pils by Boulevard Brewing pints

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