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Volunteer Info

BFA Volunteer Information Center

Please review the Volunteer Guide carefully and see below for role-specific overviews.

  • Volunteers must sign-in at the designated table in the "wheel"
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early and plan to work your entire shift
  • Volunteers assigned to both the grilling station and concessions must wear a hat or appropriate hair covering

Thanks to all of our parents and volunteers for making our tournaments THE BEST!

Job Descriptions & Instruction Sheets

Click on the appropriate link below to learn how to best prepare for your volunteer shifts. If you are working at Concessions or at the Grill, there and Health Code details that are important to know beforehand.

Note: Grill Master shifts are 2 hours but count as 3 volunteer hours!

2023 Volunteer Options

BFA requires all families to volunteer either on official committees or at BFA-hosted tournaments. See below for the detailed volunteer policy.

BFA-hosted tournament volunteer opportunities will be available at the events below. Sign Up links will be sent as we approach the tournament dates.

  • Bloomington Bash Tournament - June 9 - 11, 2023 
  • 10U  National MONSTA Championship - July 20 - 23, 2022

Volunteer opportunities will be available on the following committees. 

Volunteer Requirements

BFA is a fully volunteer-operated organization. The association relies on member family time and engagement to run effectively. Without support from all families, the association cannot operate. Need is required at multiple levels within the organization: board of directors, committees, teams, and hosted tournaments.

All families, at all age levels, are expected to actively help their teams. There are countless ways to do so: as a coach, team manager, bench manager, score keeper, field prepper, etc. These needs are dictated by each team's coach or manager. Families are expected to fulfill what they are assigned to do. These hours do not fulfill the required annual family volunteer hours noted below. These simply allow each team to operate.

All families, at all age levels, are also expected to actively help the association. All families have a minimum requirement of association-level volunteer hours.

There are multiple ways to fulfill this requirement:

  • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Serving on a BFA committee
  • Coaching
  • Volunteering at BFA-hosted events (primarily tournaments)

BFA's Board of Directors: BFA needs leaders with a wide range of skill to help lead the organization and execute each season. Serving as a Board Member will satisfy all volunteer hour requirements.

BFA Committees: The following committees will be looking for members to help with planning and execution.

  • Spiritwear/Uniforms/Pins: 1 volunteer
  • Equipment: 2 volunteers
  • Fundraising: 4 volunteers
  • Tournament: 8 volunteers

Coaching: 1 Head Coach for each team will be granted their full hour requirement at the completion of the season. Each traveling team is allowed to grant 12 additional hours to team helpers (assistant coaches, team managers, etc.). Each in-house team is allowed to grant 6 additional hours.

BFA-Hosted Tournaments: BFA hosts tournaments during the year. These tournaments are a significant source of BFA’s annual operating revenue.  There may be small opportunities to volunteer at other BFA-hosted events (like the Blast-Off).

In the 2023 season, our tournament volunteer requirements are:

  • Families with 1 traveling player:  12 hours
  • Families with 2 traveling players: 15 hours
  • Families with 1 in-house player:  3 hours (6U) or 6 hours (8U)
  • Families with 1 traveling and 1 in-house player: 15 hours
  • Families with 2 in-house players: +3 hours

All families must submit a check, made out to BFA, at or before evaluation check-in. This check will be held for the season. It will be destroyed upon the completion of all volunteer hour requirements. If the full requirement was not complete, the check will be cashed. Families will be given the option to pay this fee as a volunteer requirement buy-out at registration - but our preference is for all families to invest their time into BFA.


Volunteer Check/Buyout amounts:

  • Families with 1 traveling player:  $300
  • Families with 2 traveling players: $350
  • Families with 1 in-house player:  $75 (6U) or $150 (8U)
  • Families with 1 traveling and 1 in-house player: $350
  • Families with 2 in-house players: $200